I’ve always loved the word “home.” To me, it signifies love, laughter, and safety. After I started homeschooling, it also took on the significance of learning and working! Home is where my heart is, that’s for sure! So, when I started writing, I branded myself as The HOME Writer. My goal was to help other mothers who homeschool. I then began to focus on any and all mothers, which changed my acronym just a bit. To be honest, it’s stood for a few things over the years:

Helping Other Mothers Educate

This was my original acronym, and the one I used for a local homeschool group that met in my home. We were the HOME group, and we met twice a month.

Helping, Organizing, Mentoring, Encouraging

This acronym was used when I spent a summer writing for a couple of different ezines. I enjoyed writing weekly articles for two different sites, but once our school started up again, I had to set it aside. Homeschooling is work! It’s like a full-time job, especially when you teach multiple ages/grades.

Helping Other Mothers EverywhereKelly Huckaby -- The HOME Writer

This is who I am now — who I’ve always been, really. I love being a mom so much; I want to help every other mom I meet so she can be the best mom to her children, whether she’s a stay-at-home mom, or a working mom, or even a work-at-home mom. (I am also available to dads, and men/women without children — I’m just a little biased towards moms.)

Check out my Hire Me page to see how I can help you and your business (whatever that may be) step up to the next level.┬áMy joy comes from S.E.E.’ing as Jesus would: with support, edification, and encouragement.

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